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Microsoft office 2016 professional plus eol free

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Office and Office will be supported for connecting to Microsoft and Office services until October For Microsoft Apps, you must be using a supported version. For a list of which versions are currently supported, see Update history for Microsoft Apps.

But these older clients may encounter performance or reliability issues over time. After October 13, , ongoing investments to our cloud services won’t take into account older Office clients. Over time, these Office clients may encounter performance or reliability issues. Organizations that use these older clients will almost certainly face an increased security risk and may find themselves out of compliance depending upon specific regional or industry requirements.

Therefore, administrators should update older Office clients to versions of Office supported for connecting to Microsoft services. We recommend that you upgrade older Office clients to a subscription version of the Office client, such as Microsoft Apps for enterprise.

Windows 10 version Act fast to delay this big upgrade. Each time Microsoft rolls out a major upgrade to Windows 10, you have the option to wait a few months before you install it on PCs running Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise.

But you have to act quickly. How to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro for free. You’ve got a new PC running Windows 10 Home. You want to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Here’s how to get that upgrade for free. Microsoft is extending its support window for Office ProPlus on some Windows variants, as well as Office ‘s ability to continue to work with Office A brief history of Microsoft’s Surface: Missteps and successes.

Microsoft revealed in December that it would make the service available to consumers as well. Third-party Office suites such as LibreOffice or FreeOffice remain available for Windows, and they might be the best option for Windows users and organizations who don’t want to subscribe to an Office plan. Microsoft is going the IBM way.

It seems some very successful and hugely respected companies have an inside urge to destroy themselves by negating all they were loved for. It happens to many companies, IT and others. Lotus owned the spreadsheet software market, then sat on the backsides while Borlad and Microsoft took it away from them. Novell owned local area networking, but by refusing to let MS have the desktop lost it all. They always want it as a product. They will gain new customers. Which brings me to my second point.

In the last 4 years, Office product version has hardly gotten any useful significant features after the release. For me, subscription software is a no-go for eternity. Just stay on or forever. Thank god I can just keep using the iWork suite, which are continuously updated and run locally on both macOS and iOS, all for free! Meanwhile, LibreOffice is good enough for most people, slowly getting better and uses much less space than Microsoft Office.

Considering how MS Office is the de-facto standard in all business settings, switching to LO simply does not have the potential critical mass. How true that is depends on your exact circumstances.

I set LibreOffice 6. This solves the compatibiltiy issue. I am still using Office on Win 10, but I would like to buy never version. Would You recommend Office or ? Prices are similar. I have no interest in free alternatives, and not willing to pay for subscription. Extended support security patches for both and ends on October 14, Get Office Same extended support date. I tried Office on several machines, but when you have one Excel document open, it takes 5 seconds to open a second document.

I installed all patches and even tried on fresh install on Windows Reverted back to Office and no more issues with documents opening slowly. Again, this only happens when you already have 1 document open. Anyone know of a good source to get Office ? Have looked on ebay but several sources seem shady. Have to use for spreadsheets that use macros extensively otherwise would just use LibreOffice. LibreOffice really needs to invest more time in their spelling checker and less on the feature creep.

LibreOffice has some issues with hyphenation and prefixes in the English language as well as a lack of technical terms included in their dictionary. I do not see why the The Document Foundation TDF does not try and get grants and partner with some academic researchers to develop better spell checking for folks with disabilities and that big tax break that these non-profits get should have some dependency on them helping folks with disabilities with grants made available as well for that specific purpose.

And having a better spell checker helps everyone and not just folks that need the assistance with spelling. I agree Discombobilus Huntenpeck, TDF needs to invest more on their spell checking, rather than the fancier things. I had to change the background of the document, its too bright while typing away. Cutting and pasting is a hassle, but folks make due with what they got. The Document Foundation needs to partner with academic researchers, it will be easier on those with disabilities.

But I suspect that it is highly unlikely that TDF will go ahead. Microsoft will end security support. Is it really only about the money? We only care about the current. How nice. I am hopeful that the LINUX world seizes the opportunity to remove the llngering perception of geekiness, and provides a path for the masses of non-corporate users to escape to.

In the 3rd paragraph after your end-of-support graph you typed Office I believe you meant Office It works fine for me! A good friend of mine uses office for her writing. So I got her a smartphone to help her a bit. All that said, the features that have been added to Office are welcome, particularly a full collaborative editing experience. The Word and PowerPoint desktop clients for non-subscribers offered a kludgy sort of group collaboration , in which you had to keep saving the shared document to share your changes with others and see the changes they were making.

To actually see changes in real time, you had to use the less powerful online versions of Word and PowerPoint. Everyone working on the documents sees the changes everyone else makes as they happen. Colored cursors indicate the identity of each person. Office users finally get real-time co-authoring in the desktop clients.

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Microsoft office 2016 professional plus eol free


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Joby Wavo Air Review. Office and will still receive support until October 14, , but will no longer have access to Microsoft services as early as October Any additional feedback?

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