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Pictures of one patient patient A6 taking latanoprost, with iris darkening at baseline Hazel eyes 3 months free download and at 3 months B. Sections through an iridectomy specimen specimen A A, The specimen has rolled up with the pigmented epithelium E in the center.

B, The section is immunostained for proliferating cell nuclear antigen, with no counterstain, and visualized by differential interference contrast optics.

There are no positive-staining nuclei, and the ephelis is pigmented. A latanoprost-treated patient patient A6. B, Section of the same iris visualized by differential interference contrast microscopy.

There are no labeled nuclei. Nuclear-associated protein—immunostained sections Ki of iris visualized by differential interference contrast optics. Arrows indicate clump cells; arrowheads, free melanin. B, A latanoprost-treated patient patient A5. There are no positive-labeled nuclei in either A or B.

Arch Ophthalmol. Objective To determine whether 3 months of topical latanoprost treatment caused proliferative or degenerative effects on the peripheral iris of patients with glaucoma. A trabeculectomy and a peripheral iridectomy specimen was obtained from each patient during surgery. The tissue was subjected to histological and immunohistochemical evaluation using 2 cell cycle markers: proliferating cell nuclear antigen and nuclear-associated protein Ki Results No degenerative or pathological changes were seen in the latanoprost-treated irides, including the one specimen in this series in which there was an eye color change.

Proliferating cell nuclear antigen and nuclear-associated protein markers were negative for changes in hazel eyes 3 months free download the test specimens. Conclusion Short-term treatment with latanoprost does not produce morphological changes or cellular proliferation changes in the iris. The one major ocular adverse effect of latanoprost is that it can cause darkening of the iris.

Uniformly brown and blue irides darken rarely, but hazel eyes darken frequently. There is, to our knowledge, only one published article 5 on the morphological features of a human iris treated with latanoprost, and this is a case report of a patient with drug-induced iris darkening. Monkeys undergoing long-term treatment with topical naturally occurring prostaglandins also show iris color change, so it does seem to be the case that iris darkening is a more general effect of some prostaglandins rather than being a specific property of the analogue latanoprost.

Among the possible mechanisms by which color change could be brought about include hyperplasia of stromal melanocytes hazel eyes 3 months free download stimulation of melanogenesis. Overproduction of melanin granules could result in their release into the stroma with consequent iritis 7 and tissue degeneration or, if they accumulated in the chamber angle, glaucoma might ensue.

The present single-masked study was undertaken to compare peripheral iridectomy specimens taken from patients who had vs those who had not been treated with latanoprost for a 3-month period before glaucoma surgery. The histological features of the iris were evaluated, looking for degenerative changes in the tissue.

However, the main thrust of the investigation was an attempt to identify cells by hazel eyes 3 months free download, using antibodies against proliferating cell nuclear antigen PCNA and nuclear-associated protein Kiwhich were in or had been in the cell cycle. In this way, we wanted продолжение здесь find evidence to support or refute the option that latanoprost might provoke cell proliferation in iris tissue.

We performed a randomized, single-masked study and recruited 20 hazel eyes 3 months free download aged 40 hazel eyes 3 months free download or older scheduled for routine trabeculectomy in one eye because of uncontrolled IOP caused by primary open-angle glaucoma or pseudoexfoliation glaucoma. Exclusion criteria included hazel eyes 3 months free download trabeculoplasty within 3 months before the study, signs of ocular infection, inflammation, and use of contact lenses.

Eye color was classified as brown, blue, green, gray, or hazel. The first 4 were uniform coloring, while the hazel was brown mixed with 1 of the other 3. Patients gave hazel eyes 3 months free download informed consent. The allocation of patients to treatment was at random, but an attempt was made to proportion between the 2 groups based on the color classification Table 1.

The treatment was restricted to a 3-month period, which is the usual waiting period for filtering surgery at Mainz University, Mainz, Germany.

The patients and the consulting ophthalmologists N. All patients underwent measurements of visual acuity, biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy, and Goldmann applanation tonometry at baseline, at 2 weeks and 3 months before the day of surgery, and at 6 weeks after surgery.

Iris and gonioscopic photography was done at baseline and at 3 months. A fornix-based trabeculectomy without antimetabolites was performed by one of us N. The histological sections were examined with the intention of trying to identify any degenerative alterations in any of the coded specimens. Thus, we evaluated under the light microscope each of the sections available for the following features: 1 posterior epithelial degeneration, 2 stromal inflammation, 3 vascular alterations, 4 clump cell frequency, 5 presence of free stromal melanin, 6 stromal degeneration, 7 any atypical cellular features in stromal melanocytes, and 8 thickness of the anterior border layer.

These were features highlighted as being of some interest based on the findings of a previous case report. The grading was found to be consistent from section to section for a given specimen, reproducible on reanalysis, and comparable on interobserver checks.

Throughout the study, specimens were coded so that it was not known by the sectioner or the evaluators I. Wax sections were deparaffinized in xylene and rehydrated in graded ethanols. The sections available for each specimen were microwaved under citrate buffer at pH 6.

Positive по этой ссылке tissue with cells known to be in the cell cycle were human tonsil and developmental human eye tissue. The negative control was adult retina. Following antigen retrieval, endogenous peroxidase was blocked with a 0. Background staining was eliminated by exposure hazel eyes 3 months free download normal goat serum for a further перейти на источник minutes.

The primary antibodies used for this study were against antigens connected with the cell cycle, PCNA and Ki At least 3 different levels of tissue of each specimen were examined by conventional light microscopy and differential interference contrast optics Polyvar, Reichert, Vienna, Austria. We recruited 20 patients for the study. Twelve were women, and all were white and had either primary open-angle glaucoma or pseudoexfoliation glaucoma Table 1.

Seventeen hazel eyes 3 months free download completed the study according to protocol. Of the 3 who withdrew from the study, 1 from the nonlatanoprost treatment group underwent the surgery at his home hospital after 2 months. Of the 2 other latanoprost-treated patients, 1 declined surgery and hazel eyes 3 months free download other had well-controlled IOPs with latanoprost treatment, so surgery was no longer considered necessary.

At baseline, the mean IOP in the latanoprost-treated eyes was At 3 months, the mean IOPs were Only one year-old patient patient A6 with hazel eyes from the latanoprost group underwent an eye color change, appreciable in Figure 1 A-B.

The iridectomy specimen from this eye was also taken from the o’clock position. The specimens were examined for the presence of any histological abnormalities, and there was no evidence in any своего bigo live download pc free download берете our specimens of posterior epithelial degeneration Figure 2Figure 3and Figure 4 other than traumatic disruption from handling Figure 4 B.

The stroma of all specimens exhibited no signs of inflammation, vascular alterations, or any degeneration как сообщается здесь could be appreciated by light microscopy Figure 2Figure 3and Figure 4.

Free stromal melanin could not be seen easily by conventional optics; however, by differential interference contrast optics, free melanin could be appreciated more readily but was not abundant in any sample examined Figure 3 B and Figure 4.

Clump cells also were identified more readily using differential interference contrast optics. The anterior border histological features of 1 specimen were difficult to assess because of посмотреть больше presence of an ephelis Figure 2which was noted as an anterior border area of marginally increased cellularity but clearly increased intracellular pigmentation.

Table 2 shows the grading of the specimens performed by the masked observer hazel eyes 3 months free download. Posterior epithelial changes, inflammation, vascular alteration, and stromal degeneration were not recorded in any of the 17 iridectomy specimens in the series.

Clump cells were just as common in the nonlatanoprost-treated irides as they were hazel eyes 3 months free download latanoprost-treated specimens; the 2 specimens with the жмите сюда scores specimens A7 and A9 were hazel eyes 3 months free download untreated. Free melanin granules were found sparingly in the stroma of most irides. Melanocytes with nuclear hazel eyes 3 months free download that were atypical nuclear chromatin margination, prominent nucleoli, and invagination of the nucleus zero vpn for pc windows 10 rare, and when identified they usually did not have all the atypical characteristics; these cells were called borderline atypical.

Melanocytes with atypical or borderline atypical nuclei were present in 6 of the hazel eyes 3 months free download untreated specimens compared with 5 of the 8 latanoprost-treated irides. Anterior border thickness was above marginal in 5 of the 9 untreated specimens and in 5 of the 8 latanoprost-treated specimens.

Adult human eye showed labeling for both antigens in some conjunctival epithelial nuclei and in some nuclei at hazel eyes 3 months free download lens bow but nowhere else in the eye. In the developing eye, nuclei that labeled positively with Ki and PCNA were identified in the immature stromal tissue.

At 6 months following birth, and in all the control нажмите сюда eye specimens, no labeling was ever found. In contrast, despite extensive examination of different levels in each specimen with the 2 antibodies, neither the latanoprost-treated nor the untreated irides of the test studies exhibited any positive staining Figure 2 B, Figure 3 B, and Figure 4.

In these staining runs, human tonsil and human fetal iris always exhibited numerous positively staining nuclei. Latanoprost is one of the latest additions to the treatment of glaucoma. Since its introduction, it has received considerable attention and its use is widespread; it is an attractive antiglaucoma medication principally because of its relatively powerful IOP-lowering action, its ease of use once-daily treatmentand the apparent absence of any systemic adverse effects. In this respect, we have valuable initial information on the former but provide little to resolve the problem associated with the latter.

At the level of light microscopy, our findings show that a short period of 3 months of exposure to latanoprost did not produce either observable degeneration in the structure of the iris or inflammation.

Melanin granules are thought to be cytotoxic, 13 and ocular melanin, including that from the iris, 7 is known to be uveitogenic. As a consequence, some inflammatory pathological features might have been expected if there had been an accumulation of melanin granules within the iris stromal melanocytes leading to rupture and scattering of the granules in the tissues, but there were no indications that melanin release was happening in latanoprost-treated irides.

Only one of the latanoprost-treated eyes actually darkened in color. The morphological analysis did not show any remarkable change in melanocyte pigmentation in the iris specimen from this patient nor did it pick up any extensive release of free melanin into the stroma. To some extent, it would have been surprising if such findings had been evident.

Monkeys that underwent iris color change after being treated with latanoprost for 1 year did show some accumulation of mature melanin granules within stromal melanocytes, but this could be detected only after careful and exacting image analysis.

The clump cell frequency was assessed in this study because this local macrophagic cell 16 is associated with melanin granule incorporation. If there was or had been free melanin in the stroma, the clump cells might have been expected to be abundant. As it turned out, there was no difference between latanoprost-treated and untreated eyes, and the 2 specimens with the highest incidence of these cells turned out to be from untreated patients.

The most important observation from the graphical user interface windows study was the finding that neither the latanoprost-treated including the specimen from a patient with an eye color change nor the untreated iridectomy specimens showed any positive staining nuclei by immunohistochemistry melanocytes or other cells in the iris using antibodies against the cell cycle antigens PCNA and Ki These methods may also pick up a few cells that have recently left the cycle.

Our finding in the present study of an absence of cell division in latanaprost-treated human irides is in keeping with the findings in latanoprost-treated monkeys, which showed no increase in the numbers of iris stromal melanocytes after 1 year. In addition, the patient had a thickened anterior border layer, although this was in association with a nevus. No relation with latanoprost treatment and thickness of the anterior border layer was found in our histological investigation.

Atypia was noted in the specimen with the ephelis or nevus but was marginal. After close histological examination of many brown irides, including those that served as controls in this experiment, a few melanocytes could be recognized that have features, like margination of nuclear chromatin and nuclear invagination, in common with nuclear atypia.


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