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WebDAV is an application that allows you to upload files to your store’s server. It is a powerful way to quickly and efficiently upload images, custom fonts and products, as well as content such as PDF’s, audio files and downloadable files. WebDAV is also useful for backing up certain store content such as your products, images, redirects, and customer lists.

Common uses for WebDAV include uploading and linking to files in your store and backing up your store. You will need a WebDAV client to connect to your store from your computer. There are many WebDAV clients to choose from, both free and paid. We recommend Cyberduck , which prefills most of your store information. You will need to download the client program separately, and if you are using a WebDAV client other than Cyberduck, you can connect manually.

To connect manually with a WebDAV client, you will need to locate your store’s unique WebDAV information and ensure that user account permissions have been enabled. Pro Tip! If you download the connection files for Cyberduck, most of this information is automatically entered.

Cyberduck files do not include the password. See Connecting to Cyberduck Manually for more information. Add the information provided into the appropriate fields in your WebDAV client of choice. Scroll down near the bottom then check the box to enable WebDAV. The Path and Server Type will remain the same. Cyberduck is a free WebDAV software client that allows you to access your store’s files remotely. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. You will need to download and install Cyberduck before attempting the login instructions below.

You can connect using single-click login or connect manually. Which version of Cyberduck should I download? Normally, we recommend downloading the most recent version. Occasionally, the most recent version may not work with BigCommerce. In these cases, uninstall and download a previous version. The Cyberduck connection file allows you to download a Duck file to your computer.

Clicking on the file will open Cyberduck with all of your login information pre-populated, except for the password. Follow the steps below to download the Duck file. Before following these instructions , Cyberduck must be downloaded and installed onto your computer. Otherwise you won’t be able to use the file to connect. A file called “[store-url]. Locate and double-click this file. Can’t download the file? If you aren’t the store owner, you need to have the Manage Settings permission enabled for your user account.

If you don’t wish to download the Cyberduck connection file, you can follow the steps listed below to connect to Cyberduck. Open Cyberduck, and click on Open Connection. You may need to uncheck the Anonymous Login check box to input your username and password. The WebDAV folders that appear in the root directory called dav are listed below, as well as subfolders that are directly linked with a particular functionality in BigCommerce.

Note that WebDAV is case-sensitive. The folders listed below are given in their correct lowercase format. Although you can edit the contents of folders within the root directory the dav folder , you cannot add or edit anything on the root directory itself. This is because all BigCommerce stores share the root directory. WebDAV is case-sensitive, so all references including folders and files must match exactly. Failure to do so will result in assets either not loading or being duplicated.

Click and open the folder you want to upload content into, and then click and drop the file. This can also occur if you are uploading a file with special characters in its name that are not allowed by WebDAV.

WebDAV allows the following special characters in file names:. The template folder will be empty by default because all built-in template files are stored on the database, not in WebDAV.

Only customized files will appear in WebDAV, as your store would be using customized versions of template files instead of the default database versions. I’m using a Blueprint theme. As explained above, your store’s images are stored on a database, not in WebDAV. This will cause your store to display broken images for any images not already uploaded to WebDAV. To prevent this from happening, follow the instructions provided in our article on replacing images in Blueprint themes available from BigCommerce Support.

This will ensure that your custom image is uploaded smoothly. Help Center. Knowledge Base. User Docs. Folder Structure The WebDAV folders that appear in the root directory called dav are listed below, as well as subfolders that are directly linked with a particular functionality in BigCommerce.

After being uploaded, they are renamed and randomly assigned to subfolders. Then create your product and select Use a file already on the server. We recommend deleting these files once the order is complete. See Importing Product Images. This folder may need to be created manually. All custom assets should be placed inside their designated subfolders.

By default, this folder will be blank. As with the template folder, this folder will be blank, and all custom assets should be placed inside their designated subfolders. Stores using Stencil themes will not have access to these folders. See Which Theme Platform do I have? FAQ How do I edit the root directory? Why are my assets not loading properly? Why am I receiving error message “Unexpected response Forbidden “? Why is the template folder empty? I’m using a Stencil theme.

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