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Bakugan pc game full

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Find your favorite way to play! Each player must have three Bakugan toys along with their appropriate Character Cards. Players then take turns placing their BakuCores on the playing area to form the Hide Matrix.

The first BakuCore must be placed directly between both players. The rest can be placed anywhere as long as at least one side is touching the side of another BakuCore. Each player chooses a Bakugan to roll. If only one Bakugan opens, that player turns over their Character card and is declared the Victor. The highest B-Power wins the Brawl. The loser must close their Bakugan, while the winner’s remains open. Players continue selecting and rolling their Bakugan until one player has all three of their Bakugan open after winning a Brawl.

This player is declared the victor! Players will alternate placing BakuCore in the center of the playing field face down flip a coin or BakuCore to determine who goes first to create the Hide Matrix. Each Player will shuffle their 40 card decks and draw five cards to begin the game! Both players will draw an additional card from their deck at the beginning of each turn. Players may select one card from their hand to play face down as an Energy card.

Players may use Energy to play cards from their hand before the next phase. Turn an Energy card sideways to uncharge it and make 1 Energy.

Energy cards that you use during your turn are charged at the end of each turn so you can use them again next turn. Players may play cards to gain an advantage.

When both players are finished playing cards, The highest B-Power wins the Brawl. The winner of the Brawl sets their open Bakugan on its Character card and is named the Victor. The other player returns their Bakugan to ball form, places it on its Character card, and returns any BakuCore it picked up back to the Hide Matrix. Each player may play cards until both players pass. The Victor deals 1 damage to the opponent for each Damage Rating it has.

The opponent flips one card into their discard pile from the top of their deck for each damage they are dealt. If a Flip card is exposed while flipping, the damaged player may pay the Energy cost of that Flip card to play it if applicable. Stop Flip cards will note what Factions it can stop. If a Flip card is played, it must be used right away, before any more cards are flipped. Before the turn ends, players may play cards if they wish. If your opponent has no cards left in their deck when they have to flip a card from their deck, you win!

Players with no cards left in their deck do not have to draw cards at the start of turns or when cards tell them to, they can only lose from taking Damage. The score signified by B at the left of a Bakugan’s Character Card and on the toy itself.

The Bakugan with the largest B-Power wins the Brawl. If it’s a tie, the Victor is decided by the highest Damage Rating. The score signified by at the right of a Bakugan’s Character Card. Put this many cards, one after another, into the opponent’s Discard Pile if your Bakugan is the Victor of a Brawl. If both Bakugan have the same Damage Rating when deciding the Victor of a tied Brawl, both players flip over the top card of their decks and place it into their Discard Pile.

The card with the highest Energy cost determines the Victor. Continue this process if the Energy costs of each card are equal. Bakugan with DoubleStrike have their Damage Rating doubled. This effect is applied last when calculating the user’s Damage Rating. This ability does not prevent effects that would indirectly reduce the user’s stats, such as having a BakuCore with a positive B-Power bonus removed. Your Flip cards cost 1 additional Energy for each point of FrostStrike the opponent’s attacking Bakugan has.

The winner of a round’s Brawl. They deal damage to their opponent equal to their Bakugan’s Damage Rating, and gain any bonus effects from cards with Victor effects. Take the top card of your deck and put it into your Hand. If there are no cards left in your deck and you must draw a card, do nothing and continue the game as if you just drew a card. A card that is Energized is put into play face down as an Energy card.

Energy Cards can be Uncharged once per term to create one Energy. The act of turning a sideways Uncharged Card back to vertical orientation at the end of every turn. The act of turning a vertical, Charged Energy Card sideways to create 1 Energy. Energy itself does not have a physical game piece, so keep count of your Energy in your head, on a piece of paper, or with dice to remember how much you have. All of your unused Energy disappears at the end of the turn when Charging your Energy Cards.

Flip cards may only be played when flipped from your deck after losing a Brawl. Evo cards are played from hand and are played on top of their matching Character Card.

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Bakugan pc game full


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Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a fantastic virtual take on the hit anime TV show and the toys/game that followed. Pick your Bakugan and get ready for the fight. This Action, Adventure, Fantasy based game gained a good response among its millions of users. Bakugan Battle Brawlers Array. Table of Contents.

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