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There might be many reasons you would want to mount an ISO disk image file in Windows 10 :. The reason for this should be quite apparent. If you are installing a new operating system on a computer, the most common scenario is to create a bootable USB. When you mount the ISO file in Windows 10 or any other operating system, a virtual drive is created with a new drive letter. The second way of mounting an ISO file is by using Powershell.

The reason we see this error in Windows 10 , is that the operating system flags downloaded files. I have previously only used File Explorer but becoming more accustomed to using Powershell for this task.

How do you mount ISO files in Windows 10? Push unblock button, viola! A file are ready for anything…. Thanks Daniel, did the same thing 2 downloads with same result and got quite frustrated. Copied and pasted then ran the file again and worked first time.

Thanks once again MS. Thanks Daniel, Copied and pasted file to my desktop and it worked the first time I tried it. Great simple workaround to a major problem. Thanks again.

Have no clue what an ISO is and how to fix this. Brilliant — Your solution worked. Here i am ready to enjoy office — thanks to you! Tried copying as well.

Still no luck. However, after I tried that three or four times I noticed that each instance was mounted already.

So, even though I got the error code the. ISO had actually been mounted all along. Bravo Daniel, bravo! I need to prep this latest edition of Project before teaching my 7am class tomorrow. You have my sincerest gratitude! Microsoft site was no help. Was just about to try something drastic when I came upon your solution.

Worked immediately and saved a lot of frustration and so easy too. Thanks a lot!! I am using windows 8 for some reason my sql server will not work know more. When I try and access Sql management studio. I go to the folder I see everything in need but it still will not work.

I have reinstalled the application , I have all the client tools. Had the same problem, copy paste did not work either. Then discovered after looking at the drives on the computer that the reason it was not working was that when I downloaded the. The error is because the. I downloaded the ISO file on a different PC and copied it to my Surface Desktop via a memory stick so it was nothing to do with the internet-downloaded file being blocked.

When I found the solution, I had deleted the file from my Desktop. Havng removed the microSD card, when I then inserted the memory stick containing the ISO file, it mounted without me having to do anything and showed itself as as CD drive.

I even with through scary registry alterations. This worked though! Thanks so much! Copied and pasted to my desktop. Second time it worked, opened up and I was able to run setup. Thank You. Took me several days chasing MS for such a simple solution!!

Omg I was searching all day for a solution, and this helped me so much! Thanks for the help you are awesome!! I discovered that even thou it was throwing the error if I opened up my computer the. I still got the error but again the.

Wish I saw this yesterday — I downloaded the program again thinking my original one was corrupted and spent hours trying different tricks to install it!!!

I went around different sites just to find answers on how to mount the iso file in Win 8. Probably tried 4 options but none worked. Finally I tried this and it worked. I can now enjoy Office Thank you!!! Once I realised it was mounting despite the error I found this post and saw the comment about micro sd card.

I had one mounted at the time, although the iso I was trying to use was on the hdd. I ejected the micro sd and voila! No error message.

I had looked for the Unblock button, but it is not there. Copying from Desktop to Desktop solved the issue. Now the size of the file matches the used spaced.

Used spaced is larger on the original download. Same here — got the issue with the Win 10 preview. Copying and pasting it worked for me too. Wonder if this P sparse? Had a quick look at removing it using attrib, but on my Win 8. Had this problem with W10 on my Surface Pro 3. Hi everyone. Had this problem. I have tried what you suggested above and it is not working. I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8. As others have said, double clicking the iso does actually mount it.

In my case, on a drive marked CD on a Surface?? Then just run the setup. After I remove the RO attribute the remove sparse works perfectly. I think I have a possible reason. I just imagined that an ISO should always be read-only to make sense. May I suggest a new solution.

Here is a piece of code and application which may solve the problem. It sets the sparse flag to 0 zero. This thing worked for me perfectly. Can somebody please explaine how set up the regedit fix.

I have never worked with Regedit before. When I right click the popup menu shows Remove Sparse. But when I click it I get a question which program to choose to open it. When I select Windows Explorer I get the mounting error message. Put this in a batch file and drag-and-drop the target file onto it with Windows Explorer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Example ISO Patch Guide for Windows 11 bit (21H2) – Microsoft Community Hub


Upon installation reboot, the Mount feature magically worked as advertized. Also another problem — a nonworking DVD drive — started working. Anyhow, I haven’t followed you instructions, since I don’t want to “fix” that which ain’t broken any more. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.

Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Additional information: 1. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Thanks for the heads up. Usually works, unless Mount used a drive letter which is assigned to a network share that is disconnected at the moment the mount is done, then you only have the network drive “Disconnect” option. Powershell saved me in that situation. Very important features. Loved this ever since Win8.

I got exactly what I was looking for. Great stuff, though, especially the powershell command. I ran a help on it, as I’ve never used it before, and I can’t see an obvious switch to mount an ISO as a specific letter. I do see a -NoDriveLetter option, as with some others to mount as read-only or read-write. I wonder if it’s possible to edit an ISO using the read-write method?

Does W10 offer cloning feature? Let said I have 5 identical PC and done setting up one, is there a feature in w10 that allow me to push a clone to the other unit? It is best however to download the windows 10 adk and make a WinPE bootable flash drive that can be use to boot and capture and deploy the image. It’s free and available for anyone running windows You also may want to run sysprep before copying but you don’t have to. YouTube will be your friend if your new to this.

Let me know if you need help. That is actually a very useful explanation! I’ve been trying to clone Windows Server R2 with little to no result.

Before I try it, does your explanation still stand for Windows Server R2? Just since its server if your using raid this can make thing a bit complicated to accomplish but it is still possible. If you want to have some real fun, download and install MDT. Follow the instructions to create a reference image and target image task sequence to capture reference and deploy target an image to machines from the MDT repository. This allows you to fully automate the build process and use a base image to deploy with other applications and drivers added through the target image.

The target image can also handle the domain join. If you are going to capture an image using dism or imagex, make sure that the image you are capturing is not domain joined. In fact, you should also make sure that you run all phases of WinPE to prep and finalize the image. Step 7. Accept the license terms. Choose the type of installation you want to proceed with. Clean install without keeping any files and settings, or install Windows only and keep data.

Step 8. Select the drive or partition you want to install Windows You can install Windows 10 on an SSD for better performance. Then, wait for the installation to finish. If you encounter unexpected problems with Windows installation and are at risk of data loss, you can contact our technical support team for a manual data recovery service and get help instantly. Consult with EaseUS data recovery experts for one-on-one manual recovery service.

We could offer the following services after FREE diagnosis. This will perform an upgrade of your current operating system to Windows Here are the how-to steps.

This will create a virtual bootable disc. Open the disc image file and run setup. During Windows 10 installation, if you lose files and applications due to wrong operations like selecting cleaning install, which will delete all the data, use competent data recovery software to help you get data back.

What’s more, EaseUS data recovery software also can repair corrupted files on your computer. For example, repair corrupted videos , pictures, and documents in various file formats. Note: To guarantee a high data recovery chance, install EaseUS data recovery software on another disk instead of the original disk where you lost files.

Select the disk partition or storage location where you lost data and click “Scan”. This recovery software will start scanning the disk to find all lost and deleted files.


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